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    Natural sustainable materials. It's the inspiration for Mukti Mats. It's our beginning. 

    Mukti is the Sanskrit word meaning “Inner Liberation”, we believe that through the path of Yoga every student has the opportunity to liberate themselves from defining limitations so that they can be truly happy, content and free. 

    We Practice Yoga

    The inspiration for Mukti Mats was created when travelling. Maintaining a daily practice and teaching Yoga in challenging climates, varying environments and on multiple surfaces we were constantly aware of the importance of a quality yoga mat.  

    Our travels took us through many villages where living off the land was the way of daily life and highlighted the importance of an environmentally sustainable mat.

    In India and Mexico humidity soared over 95%, with sweat running down our arms we dreamt of a slip-free, hygienic surface. Months later we have created this dream.

    Since our dream was created in 2014, we are now married and live in Wollongong, NSW. We enjoy a daily yoga practice and feel grateful to spend time in nature every day. 

    We Care About You

    We listen to our customers and what they are looking for in a Yoga mat to support their Yoga journey.

    Our mats are manufactured with a toxic-free softening process and are completely free of toxic foaming agents, PVC and plasticizers that are found in many other mats.

    To say thank you for choosing to buy a Mukti Mat we include a gift of a cotton mat strap, carefully designed for carrying your mat to and from the studio.  We also cover the delivery costs on all of our orders with in Australia, making our products as accessible as possible.

    Our Sustainable Journey

    We Care About The Planet 

    Each Yoga practice is an opportunity to deepen our connection to the Earth and ourselves.

    Our Vision is to provide our customers with an option to practice on a BEAUTIFUL, environmentally SUSTAINABLE quality, eco yoga mat.

    Mukti Mats are made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, jute and cotton. We have carefully selected our vendors ensuring that they meet high standards of ETHICAL work place practices - completely sweatshop free...naturally, mats for yoga.

    Our mats meet SGS certification, made from natural tree rubber, jute and cotton fibres. The dye that we use is mineral based, kind to the ENVIRONMENT and completely free from toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. 

    We are proud to be SUPPORTING the Himalayan Tailoring Centre in North India who employ and train over 70 staff, many of whom are refugees. 

    Encouraging responsible disposal

    What happens to our mats after they have been loved is just as important as the the materials and process that we use to make them. 

    A high percentage of plastic Yoga mats end up in landfill and take years to degrade. Our mats are biodegradable, they will decompose through a natural process, reducing the amount of waste in landfill and leaving more space on our planet for trees.


    We try to keep packaging to a minimum and we’re always looking to find more sustainable solutions. Our products are made and moved with as minimal impact as possible. For packaging we use paper and cardboard.

    We Help Plant Trees

    Yoga allows us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, others and our environment. Multi Mats have partnered up with Seed a Change, and we are so excited to be planting a tree for every mat purchased online. Learn more


    We're an Australian company, and chose to use Australian suppliers wherever possible.