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    Your Practice

    Yoga Byrne Studio

    Welcoming Yoga Byrne studio to the Mukti Team.  Sue Byrne came to yoga in search of relief from the depression and anxiety that she had experienced since childhood. Sue shares how her yoga practice has improved her own wellbeing in her classes at Yoga Byrne, Perth.

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    Mukti Mats Partnership With POD

    We are excited to be partnering with a local group of women who are creating amazing, long-term, sustainable changes in the lives of individuals and their communities on Australian and international soil. 

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    Feeling the Love

    Thanks for the feedback!  A massive 97% of our Australian customers say they absolutely recommend our eco yoga mats to a friend.

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    The Gift of Yoga to Pregnancy and Birth

    Lis White, Co-Founder at Mukti Mats, sharing her personal experience of yoga and community supporting her through her pregnancy.

    With a steady Yoga practice over the past few years I feel confident in my body entering my first pregnancy. I am able to trust in my body that it is doing was it is designed to do, to nourish and support the baby that Dave and I have created.

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    Yoga Playlist - Create Flow

    “When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point.” - Alan Watts

    This playlist was created for a 75 minute Vinyasa Flow class, allowing a few minutes of silence to start and complete the practice. All of the songs listed can be purchased through iTunes. 

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