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    Your Practice — Article

    Retreats with Mukti Mats Founder Lis White

    Join Lis White, founder of Mukti Mats, on a Yoga and Wellness Retreat.  Escape to Sri Lanka for a week of yoga, rejuvenation and culture, or choose a mid week mini break on NSW's South Coast.

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    Yoga For Tight Shoulders, Neck & Upper Back

    Relieve tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back with this therapeutic upper body yoga sequence.  To be enjoyed on it's own as a yin practice, or following a vinyasa flow as a nurturing pathway towards savasana.

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    Mukti Mats Partnership With POD

    We are excited to be partnering with a local group of women who are creating amazing, long-term, sustainable changes in the lives of individuals and their communities on Australian and international soil. 

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    Feeling the Love

    Thanks for the feedback!  A massive 97% of our Australian customers say they absolutely recommend our eco yoga mats to a friend.

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